Rogue Application

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Rogue Application

Post by Sneekrix » Sat May 23, 2020 11:43 am

1A - Jordan
1B - 22 male
1C - UK

2A - Jordan#29230
2B - Sneekrix-Draenor
2C - Blood Elf - Rogue
2D - Total time played: 321 days
Total time at 120: 81days
2E – For the main time I play Assassination, there are some fights in mythic which Outlaw outshines Assassination due to the lack of Aoe Assassination has, but also Sub for specific fights like zul in Uldir which is just bust and super strong, also mega fun to play!
2F - ... r/sneekrix
2G - Have a decent geared dh that I can play and a Resto Shaman but isn't geared atm.

3A – Unpaid was my last guild I raided serious with and the reason for leaving was due to the raiders, people didn't meet the requirements that were given and were expecting to be carried.
3B – BRF (W1358) - HFC (W247) Guild <Prime> Tarren-Mill
NH - 8/10M missed out as it was mine and a friends guild and couldn't find the players to clear.
ToS - 7/9M this was my very own guild
Uldir - (W711) - BoD (W452) Guild <Unpaid> Draenor
3C - ... fficulty=3
3D -
3E – Any of my previous guild officers can vouch for my performance / attendance can provide contacts if needed. Although due to myself and the other leaving after BoD the guild has disbanded so not sure if some of them play still aha xD
3F – Always on time and ready to raid, if I have to miss a raid always warn in advance so you guys can prep for the up coming raids. I usually work my times around the raid times anyways so I can have 100% attendance.

4A – Was searching through wow progress for a new guild, found you guys that introduced Rogue as a possibility for the recruitment, read the description and suits me very well and from the description has perfect raiding environment to be in, looks like a guild for me and really looking forward to being apart of the guild if I'm accepted.
4B – I do as I am told, I'm a stress free person, fast learner, don't cause any drama and just go with the flow really. Just assign me to do whatever and I will do the job. I'm reliable and determined.
4C – My goal is to clear the current content with a group of people where I can call home, make new friends and make memories.

5A – Browsing wow progress
5B – The Only thing really is to not take my logs into account only done the raids with pugs and shit gear/corruptions as I've just been doing it for certain pieces of gear for Keys and helping mates out lol. But apart from that I look forward to hearing from you guys, If you would like to ask any questions or want more info give me a heads up.

Cheers guys :D