[Accepted] smkms - warrior DD

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[Accepted] smkms - warrior DD

Post by smkms » Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:57 am

1A - Sam
1B - 29 male
1C - Porutgal

2A - smkms#2302
2B - smkms-kazzak
2C - Mag'ar Warrior
2D - Total time played: 374 days
Total time at 120: 62days
2E – Usualy i play Fury as main although in previous patches and expansions have played arms to perform better and for the raids benefit, having no problem in playing either specs
2F - https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... zzak/Smkms
2G - Have a decent geared dh 412ilvl that can play, but can shift focus into other class spec if the need rises

3A – The Panda next door (guild died after doing CE jaina) Yakuza, previous a Ravencrest guild then moved to kazzak (guild died after CE g'hun)
3B – Started playing in the end of Mop, managing to curve garrosh, from then was prety casual though Warlords missing CE on Archimonde for a week, In legion started to aim for cutting edge managing Xavius, Helya and Argus missing gul'dan and Kj due to being on a dying realm and guild hopping there for a bit. For the last tier of Legion moved to ravencrest where i found yakuza guild and got CE argus. After it the guild moved to kazzak due to lack of aliance members willing to join and switch to a horde guild. After CE g'hun guild died off with officers wanting to take a break, reformed with the Panda Next Door, where the same happened after managing to kill Jaina. I always do my best to farm and prepare fully to a raid and new encounter, i can take criticism and am open minded to other peoples opinions.
3C - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/33605745
3D - https://ibb.co/kK6zxVM
3E – Any of my previous guild officer can vouch for my performence / atendence can provide contacts if needed
3F – Always on time and rdy to raid, if i have to miss a raid always warn in advance and state a reason for such

4A – Was searching wow progress for a new guild, found you guys that introduce warrior as a possibility for the recruitment, read the description and suits me very well and from the description has perfect raid enviorement to be in, looks like a guild full of life making me wanna be a part of it
4B – I do what im told, stress free person, quick learner, don't cause waves and just go with the flow, determined and wipe resistant
4C – My goal is to clear the current content with a group of people where i can call home and have fun doing so.

5A – Browsing wow progress
5B – Looking foward to earing from you guys, ask me anything if you need more info and thank you for your time reading this.