[Declined] Uran - Ret Paladin

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[Declined] Uran - Ret Paladin

Post by Uran » Sun May 26, 2019 6:25 pm

Personal Information

1A - Personal Name:
1B - Age and Gender:
1C - Where are you from?:

Character Information
2A - Your battletag:
2B - Main character name:
2C - Race and class:
BE - Ret paladin
2D - Days played (/played):
Paladin = 339d - https://gyazo.com/18e3eb567a0ac67d84d49b1bd45b3a95
All characters = 611d - https://gyazo.com/e739ec0ef33e0fc5562c3bedac36e317
2E – Specs played (tell us about how well you play each spec)
Ret - 8/10
Holy - 8/10
Prot - 5/10 (In cata i played prot in raids last time)
2F - Link to your mains armory profile:
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... crest/uran
2G - List any notable alts class/spec and armory profiles
I dont have any viable alts on horde rn but i m trying to make Enha shaman, I m not sure if it ll be viable char for me ( i need to have good feeling when playing something otherwise my performance is bad.
My plan is to have 1 more character as mDPS.

Your Experience and Performance
3A – Previous guilds and reasons for leaving
End of legion until Jaina: Delusional-Ravencrest / "Guild Disband"
since mid Legion: Fel Fidget Spinner-Drak thul
3B – List in detail which tiers you have played. (Explain if you progressed/farmed – we are interested in this specifically)
DS 4/8 HC (mythic)
HFC 10/13 mythic
EN - 7/7 mythic
NH - 7/10 mythic
AtBT - 11/11 mythic
Uldir - 8/8 mythic
BoD - 8/9 mythic
3C - Provide logs (raid overviews are preferable, EG - [https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... /6/#boss=0]). Videos are also great (show us your dick size):
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... an#zone=21
3D - Screenshot of your UI (http://imgur.com)
3E – Can anybody in the guild vouch for your performance or experience?
3F – How is your attendance? We are not interested in people who are late once a week or miss a raid every two weeks.
There is small chance i ll miss raid night but its rly small chance
in Uldir i missed 1 day cuz work
BoD - missed 1 day cuz work

Stand out from the rest

4A – Why do you want to join Fang?
recommended guild.
4B – What makes you stand out, why should we choose you?
I m playing paladin and i m not a weeb.
4C – What are your goals in WoW? Are you in it for the long run? Or are you a farm raider/one tier wonder? We want long-term loyal raiders!
Progress to get CE


Closing details

5A – How did you hear about Fang?
From guild member
5B – Anything else you would like to add?


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Re: Uran - Ret Paladin

Post by Bulldozer » Wed May 29, 2019 4:31 pm

Unfortunately after a discussion over the melee roster. We do not feel you bring much to the table and feel its a big risk bringing you in as a reroll right now.

Maybe the situation would've been different if you mained ret, but i'm not so sure at this time though, as the melee roster is very strong atm and for us to fit a spot in for someone we would expect them to be very exceptional, the app its self looks like its very rushed and you are just looking for any guild to jump into right now.

Best of luck