[Declined] Chiméiká (BDK/BREWMASTER/PROT WAR)

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[Declined] Chiméiká (BDK/BREWMASTER/PROT WAR)

Post by unforgiven13 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:35 pm

Personal Information
1A - Personal Name: Denis
1B - Age and Gender: 24 male
1C - Where are you from?: I'm from Greece


Character Information
2A - Your battletag: Dionysis13#2480
2B - Main character name: Chiméiká
2C - Race and class: Blood elf dk
2D - Days played (/played): 36 days 10 hours
2E – Specs played (tell us about how well you play each spec): My main spec is blood and I'm great with that and I have also played unholy but in casual terms.
2F - Link to your mains armory profile: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... k/chiméiká
2G - List any notable alts class/spec and armory profiles : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... ak/zorella ( I also have a warrior tank who is right now 395 ilvl but he will able to raid on mythic level within a week ).


Your Experience and Performance

3A – Previous guilds and reasons for leaving : I have been through many guilds and the reason that will make me to leave is the luck of will to keep progressing. I want to raid at a high and competitive level , its the most interesting thing for me in the game. If you take that from me then there no point staying any longer in that guild. My current guild is Imagine Burgerflipprs.
3B – List in detail which tiers you have played. (Explain if you progressed/farmed – we are interested in this specifically) : I started taking raids serious in Legion ( even though I'm raiding since Wotlk ). I progressed and farmed Antorus where I got CE. My plan was to keep it up and in BFA but although my performance was excellent I managed to kill 6/8 bosses because all the guild I have been through stopped raiding or got disbanded because simply there were no raiders who wanted to keep pushing and playing. Right now I'm 5/9 and I have exp from Rastakhan's fight up to ph3 and my guild decided to disband because several raiders kept declining raiding invitation which led to an incomplete roster.
3C - Provide logs (raid overviews are preferable, EG - [https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... /6/#boss=0]). Videos are also great (show us your dick size): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... artition=1
3D - Screenshot of your UI (http://imgur.com) : https://imgur.com/5Y1QVyB ( during Uldir tier but the UI is similar to what I have now )
3E – Can anybody in the guild vouch for your performance or experience? I don't have any contact inside the guild but giving me the chance to prove you what I got as a trial is enough.
3F – How is your attendance? We are not interested in people who are late once a week or miss a raid every two weeks. : My attendance is 100% ( unless something important and unexpected happens ) .


Stand out from the rest

4A – Why do you want to join Fang? I'm looking for a guild which tries to get better and better through progression. I believe that Fang can give that to me and that is a guild with high goals.
4B – What makes you stand out, why should we choose you? I'm a dedicated player , with multiple classes of the same role because I want to have different points of view of what I'm doing and because I like to have more than one character at a competitive level. I come always prepared to raids and always on time. My goal is to achieve CE in each tier and that's why I think I can fit in a guild where people have the same ambition as I do. I keep up with my characters in order to be updated with the latest news and changes. When it comes to a new fight I plan beforehand what should I do and what the mechanics of each encounter are. My performance in raids is something that I really care about and I try to improve it every single time.
4C – What are your goals in WoW? Are you in it for the long run? Or are you a farm raider/one tier wonder? We want long-term loyal raiders!
I'm here to stay. I want to play and progress in every tier, trying to reach better ranks in each tier. I don't care about farming one tier and then play casual.

Closing details

5A – How did you hear about Fang? I found Fang through wowprogress.
5B – Anything else you would like to add? I like playing the game more than just a hobby and I'm very loyal to my guild when I'm satisfied with the group's performance as a total.


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Currently we are not looking for a tank.
Best of Luck