[Declined] Wiseleysnipes Hunter applicant.

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[Declined] Wiseleysnipes Hunter applicant.

Post by Wiseleysnipes » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:00 pm

Total time played on your character:

around 600 days on my main back then not the Hunter obviously.

Role / Spec you are applying as:

BM hunter ,Can play other specs aswell.

Play style:

Well as far as it go for me am an addons addict i cant play without my addons such as Elvui,TMW,WA i like to customize my UI so i can focus on having relief when it comes to focusing on the dps and fight mechanics ,I just have been asked after clearing 3/8 M Uldir to reroll to a hunter and here iam trying my best to perfect myself as a hunter since its the 1st time i play it and i know BM hunters isnt a challenge but am still trying my best.

Personal Info:

Hello there my name is Ahmad am from Kuwait Middle east ,Am 31 years old ,Married since 3 years and i have one kid whos level 3 :P ,I work as a firefighter when am not playing wow been in the fire department since 7 years and i love it ,


Well i have been playing wow since Vanilla started playing wow with a warlock named Mejo on the US servers and to be quite honest it was a disaster back then since i was in the middle east and i was playing in the US servers i had around 700ms and yeah u can imagine what happend over there but i had quite some nice experience i downed with a guild called Banana boys on laughing skull server ZG,MC,Aq20,Aq40 up to C'thun and had the pleasure to do the 1st 3 bosses in Naxx after that i had to make a new account on EU servers since it was way better to play with around 200 to 300ms back then.

In Tbc i had the most enjoyable experience i played on Balnazzar server with also a Warlock named Mejo i cleared Kara with a guild called Fat and love it xD, i left after that when Gruul and mag were up and joined a guild called Dementia cleared with them SSC,TK,MH,BT at illidan the guild officers had enough with the guild and some ppl in it and dediced to leave for other guilds after that i left and joined a guild called MojoMadness on Vash server with my warlock after few weeks from joining the guild and killed illidan pre to SWP the guild disbanded becus the server was kinda lacking players or good players to be precise i had 2 months CD on my transer since back then u need 3 months CD on your transfer after ... so i played casually and then got back to Balnazzar and joined a guild called focused which was the mistake of my life knowing am a muslim after joining the guild they really abused my spot and left me on stand by even tho i did like 2.6k dps back then and it was the bomb :P ,I left the guild and joined a guild called Equilbruim and downed with the KJ in the SWP.

In Wotlk i stayed with EQ as a warlock still cleared Naxx10/25,3drakes,Malygos then i had it with playing a warlock and i really wanted to reroll but the guild had 2 holy paladins which are 24/7 active raiding 5 nights a week which i had no chance taking a spot from and i left and made a human holy paladin on outland server with the purpose of pvping more then pveing but after quite some time i joined a guild called Infamous back then and did some serious 7 days raiding with them since i had no life xD took some server 1sts as you can see in my achivments in Ulduar and LK25.

In Cataclysm i stayed with union taking on all the raids content from the start of the expansion from BwD,BoT,ToW and firelands after that the guild had some ups and downs and i had few friends in the guild Nightwatchers and joined them to get server 2nd on Madness.

In MoP i stayed with the Nightwatchers and did all the raids MV,HoF,ToES,ToT and finally SoO.

Well in the worst expansion of all time WoD i wasnt really that much of a hardcore anymore becus i got married,job and had a beuatifull boy i wasnt really focusing on raiding just doing casual stuff and trying to get Cutting edge sometimes sometimes not basicly joined guilds with friends that made me get boosted xD for mounts or achivments since you can see i "like Achivments".

In Legion i joined a friends guild on silvermoon Called organized crime i killed 3 boss on mythic EN then i had to take a break from wow since i just got married and had to sort out my time ect took around 9-10 months break came back on the nighthold not the release thought came a bit late ,So i applied to a guild called Winds of creation on daggerspine server which were wiping on Gul'dan mythic and i joined and got CE with themand stayed with them up untill misstress sass on ToS and basicly the guild started falling apart and we started wiping and wiping with no hope so took a break from raiding and so did i since i wasnt that hardcore in that part of my wow time and yeah thats about it even at antorus i got carried by a guild friend to get some achievments on mythic and that's what legion was about.

In BFA i came back to daggerspine and stayed with Winds of creation and we wiped basicly for the 1st two weeks of Uldir's release untill the guild fell apart so i migrated to Kazzak in order to find myself a guild and find a guild i did ,Joined Zoldyck family after 2 weeks of its formation and killed 7/8 mythic and got a rank officer to recruit and lead a bit on some bosses and we struggled with the roster pretty much and had many ppl leaving for other guilds or ppl having personal problems which stood in the way of them raiding and that was it .. and here iam applying.

Logs :

Before reading out or analyzing my logs let me say that this is a progress logs which i lead most of them and died in few and had to afk to check traps on zul or soak puddles ect explains my logs i recommend going thro them before judging and that's it.

Hunters logs:

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... ybracket=1

my paladin's alt logs:

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... reamvendor

UI Screeshot:

Hunters UI:


Paladins UI:


Why should you be suitable for Fang:

Am a really friend guy i dont care about wipes i take things lightly like critism or even shouting am relaxed and i help guildies as much as i can.

What are you expecting from Fang:

Friendly atmosphere hardcore raiding experience.



Anything Else:
Well i hopefully think i wrote everything to know about me up there but all i wanna say is GL and its really refreshing to write an application after all thos years "not joking" xD.

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Re: Wiseleysnipes Hunter applicant.

Post by Wiseleysnipes » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:43 pm

Grand#8607 Forgot to post my discord

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Re: Wiseleysnipes Hunter applicant.

Post by Wiseleysnipes » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:03 pm

found another guild GL

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Re: Wiseleysnipes Hunter applicant.

Post by Bulldozer » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:34 pm

My apologies this was meant to of been declined earlier,
thanks for the apply and best of luck with the new guild